Friday, July 3, 2015

6 Months. Time to Catch Up.

It has been a long time since I have posted an update on the blog, this is due mainly to an unfortunate incident which resulted in my iPad ending up at the bottom of the ocean and it was very difficult to write posts from a cellphone. But i figured it was time to get back to the blogosphere and will start with mainly a picture update of the past 6 months. Its been busy.

We left off right before Christmas.
 We decked our halls with lights and ribbon and a four foot Christmas Tree.

We replaced the galley sink, the old one was rusted and leaking.

The whole family met up with my folks in Vernon, BC at Silverstar ski resort for a weeklong ski vacation over Christmas.

a merry bunch.

our real tree we smuggled in and the kids made homemade ornaments everyday until Christmas to decorate it.

our little snowboarding and skiing grommets, took to the slopes like a bunch of pros.

Finn the skier, after two days of lessons he was shredding up the big hills.

night time skating.

the cold snap lasted after Christmas as well. brrr.

Prime real estate on a cold wintery day.

rosy cheeks.

Christmas Eve festivities in the SilverStar downtown.

parade of lights.

First chair lift ride.

installing the new video games we got for Christmas.

everyone needs a break after the holidays.

Happy New Year, 2015

a trip to icy Leavenworth, nothing to do but search for some snow covered geocaches.

blustery sail to coupeville with friends.

long cold dock walks.

missing teeth.

first day of public school.

homeschooling on the boat through the winter proved to be too challenging so off they went to school for the very first time.

making monsters for Macs birthday classroom treat.

box o' monsters.

Mac turns 7 years old, Skylander birthday party.

sheep creep cupcakes.

trap teams.


Valentines Day.

First sailing trip to Victoria to scout out our new marina.

foggy deception pass.

we had a great trip over, calm 10 hours of motoring, a sketchy alongside wedged between two giant yachts. the trip home started off well, sailing steady at 8 knots for 4 hours, but the weather took s turn for the worse and we pounded through 5 foot waves all the way home. not fun with three nervous kiddos.

meningitis scare. 7 year old + spinal tap = nightmare!
thankfully all was well.

Skippy is gone. after so much effort to try and make that wood stove work we decided it was not worth the hassle or the space, obviously that space couldn't be left empty, Mark using it as a chair until we decide what to do with it.

another main cabin remake. new vinyl cushions.

painted walls.

cockpit cushions.

new curtains.

yellow and blue accent walls.

Macs masterpiece.

leprechauns for St. Pattys day.
babysitting our neighbors dog for a day. Willy.

Macs framed art work in the salon.

broken dishes to tile the propane locker lid.

a new counter space built where Skippy used to be.

AWANA cubbie.

saying goodbye to our friends old boat, many memories on Sirena, but on to bigger and better boats.

My best friends Jessie and neighbor, picture of the day.

Giant mastiff at the dog park, another pic of the day.

the C dock gang hanging out.

Mark and Sergiy.

Mark ordering Jeep around.

what do you think she's saying with that look?

POD (Picture of the Day) we had to do something to pass the long, dreary PNW winter.

on our spring break road trip to San Diego.

Jessie and I took the kids and the trailer and drove 30 hours down south. trapped in a gas station by a big truck, nothing to do but wait.

first night stopping at a truck stop for  a few hours of rest.

LA traffic. Ugh!!! shoot me.

we made it to mission beach RV resort

Easter in the trailer.

burnt to a crisp.

fun in the sun and salt water.

POD San Diego

Jessie teaching Finn to ride with no training wheels.

POD, wearing matching sweaters.

driving range fun.

sand traps.

we biked everywhere.

decorated our rv pad with chalk.

first time on paddle boards.

paddle board on the loose, Jessie to the rescue, the water was cold, I owe her one for retrieving it while i took on the beach and laughed.

La Jolla.


POD, sweaters again



POD Hyatt roof top, stadium behind.

trip home, drove straight through. damage I caused running over a pole at a gas station.

more damage, once we got home we decided it was time to sell the trailer, it was a hard decision, but the right one we think.

this is what 30 hours of driving with 3 kids will do to you.

home sweet home.

jeep hanging out on our neighbors bowsprit.

penelope, queen of the dock.

our new car. a Fiat 500L. with the trailer sold we decided to carrying on with our minimalist lifestyle and downsize vehicles. 39 MPG, love it.

saying good bye to big blue, we will miss her.

still renovating and making our limited space work for us. a microwave under the new counter and a dryer above, it takes up the space where skippy used to be and the dryer conveniently vents out the hole in the deck where the chimney used to go through.

of course we couldn't leave the countertop bare, painted a compass rose and flags spelling out SweetHaven

how boys pass the time waiting in line for carnival rides.

Macs art work hanging in a shop downtown.

out for an afternoon row with friends.

our new washer in the cockpit. its a dream to not have to drag my laundry up to the laundromat anymore, one small load a day and laundry is always up to date.

drive in movie night at AWANA

how to cut down on sanding dust inside, cover husband with a blanket.

on our trip to Victoria we hit a dead head and punched a hole into our bow at the waterline, required a heat gun purchase for the repair.

our friends and neighbor Chris helping Mark climbing the mast the set up our wind system and VHF antenna.

kayaks, great purchase.

the kids first teachers.

Chris and Willy.

the weather is starting to get nicer, boring, sunny afternoon game, tossing rocks into the floating life ring.

Jessie and Finn, serious competition.

Willy and Jeep rough housing on the spinnaker. 

to be continued....